Bias FX 2 turns your iOS device into a portable guitar rig

Bias FX 2 turns your iOS device into a portable guitar rig

Positive Grid’s Bias FX Mobile app for iOS lets you plug in your guitar and sculpt out a custom tone. Today, the company released a new version of the software — and the update contains more than just a few tweaks. The sounds engine of Bias FX 2 has been rebuilt from the ground up, and a variety of features add new ways to tweak your tone ad infinitum as well as, you know, actually play.

Like before, you can choose from a variety of classic amplifiers and effects pedals, but now you can also shape the tone of your guitar itself. If you’re playing a Les Paul, for example, Bias FX 2’s Guitar Match can sculpt out those wooly lows and punch up the mids to help your guitar sound a bit more like a PRS. The new looper should help with practicing, as well as building up a wall of sound. A redesigned LiveView mode lets you switch your entire rig with a single tap and no latency, which should be very useful when you want to switch from a clean passage to monstrous power chords.

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